Written by
Jon Bowles

Using DJI Phantom RTK with Trimble R12

Published on
February 23, 2021

Whilst using one of our smaller UAV's the Phantom 4 RTK. We struggled to figure out the simplest way to connect to our Trimble R12's to be used as a base for RTK corrections.

After a bit of trial and error we came up with this procedure to follow, which as it turns out is actually quite simple!

  1. Turn on the R12 and connect to its WIFI from the DJI controller
  2. Get the R12's IP address
  3. Exit to main screen and go back to settings
  4. Apply to All – Open Browser – Navigate to IP address
    • Username = admin
    • Password = should either be "password" or R12_serial# (e.g. R12_6012F00704)
  5. Hit "Show Classic Webgui" at top of screen
  6. Check Receiver Status – Position, Satellites
  7. Receiver Configuration – Antenna
    • Input antenna height – OK
  8. Reference Station – Here
    • Edit Coordinates with Observed values from point R12's set up over – OK
  9. I/O Configuration – Port Configuration
    • Change 1st dropdown menu to NTripCaster1
    • Enable
    • Identifier = RTCM32
    • Country = AUS
    • Mount Point = RTCM32MP
    • RTCM = Enabled – Version = 3.2
    • OK
  10. Ensure NTrip Caster1 output = RTCM.V3

Once all that's set you're ready for take off!

  1. Flight
  2. Click “ · · · ” at top right
  3. Check RTK is turned ON
  4. NTRIPHost = R12's IP address
  5. Port = 2101
  6. User = (same as before) admin
  7. Password = (same as before) "password" or R12_serial# (e.g. R12_6012F00704)
  8. Mountpoint = RTCM32MP

I hope you find this useful!

5 comments on “Using DJI Phantom RTK with Trimble R12”

  1. Thank you for the workflow.
    Do I need internet connection/wifi for either the base or the drone?


    1. Hi Juan,
      You simply need to connect to the R12's internal wifi from the DJI controller. 🙂

  2. Hi Jon,
    I read your article. very informative.
    I Have the R10-2 which is basically upgraded to R12. my RTCM list shows 3 and 3.3
    how do i download the 3.2 version
    the connection with the custom rtk is not working.
    I would appreciate any advice you would have.

    Thanks in advance

      1. Hi Jon. I have the same issue as Kennedy & set RTCM to 3.3 but no luck. The dji controller tells me there's a network error even though the dji controller is connected to the R12i receiver.
        Also, my dji will connect to WiFi or to the drone but not both. It will tell me to disconnect one in order to connect to the other.
        Would you have any idea whats going on? I'd really appreciate any help.

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