Clients Conformance Application for reporting simplicity

Introducing the latest initiative from CGS in our quest to simplify the reporting process of conformance data for our clients... Following on from our Using Google Apps Scripts To Automate […]

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Using Google Apps Scripts to automate conformance reporting for clients

CGS have been adopting Google Sheets for most reporting in recent projects. Utilising this versatile tool along with some custom "Google Apps Script" we have been able to offer our […]

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CGS's latest employee - The Tiny Surveyor

We recently added a new member to the team in the form of "The Tiny Surveyor" a three-wheeled robot advertised as "The world’s fastest robot for stake-out" saving time (and […]

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Using DJI Phantom RTK with Trimble R12

Whilst using one of our smaller UAV's the Phantom 4 RTK. We struggled to figure out the simplest way to connect to our Trimble R12's to be used as a […]

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The Value of Engineering Services

Engineering services represent one of the largest sections of the industrial world, with an estimated $750 billion worth of value addition per year. These services comprise a vast swathe of […]

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Practical Applications of Geographic Information Systems

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system used to gather data and incorporate it in order to store, scrutinize, distribute, and show geographic information. GIS data displays actual world […]

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The Importance of Experience in the Construction Industry

Do you really need experience for a construction job? Several would say that experience is not really necessary, and many construction companies do hire workers with no experience for smaller […]

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Geospatial Solutions Innovation

The explosion of consumer demand for geospatial solutions and tools such as geographic Information systems (GIS) to manipulate and graphically display such information have brought GIS into the daily lives […]

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