2021 saw the start of an exciting new chapter for CGS with the acquisition of a head office based right here in Brisbane.

CGS have historically been recognised as key players in major infrastructure projects around the country on large scale pipelines, rail and road projects. And, are now seeking to grow our footprint in Brisbane to assist the local construction market during the busy times ahead.

While we still maintain a strong presence in the larger infrastructure space and continue to build both our team and our reputation out in the bush, 2022 is the year we are looking to transfer our skills and our reputation to a more local audience.

Our experience as a company and as individuals has us set to succeed in anything South East Queensland has to throw at us. We are confident that processes and systems we have developed through tens of thousands of survey man-hours can help to streamline familiar tasks and prove pleasingly cost effective to any suburban based client wanting to try us out.

Our capabilities include but are by no means limited to:

Civil Construction

Preliminary site survey prior to design stage
Cut & Fill calculations for tendering
Machine Control modelling and design verification
Site GPS infrastructure and control network establishment
Mass haul quantities and end of month volumes
Bulk Earthworks design and As-Constructed mapping

Building & Engineering

Preliminary site survey prior to design stage
Survey control network establishment
3d calculations and design verification
Construction set out from bulk GPS staking to ultra high tolerance structures
Pre-pour surveys and inspections
3d high definition laser scanning
BIM Data management
ADAC as-constructed submissions
3d monitoring

Topographical & UAV

UAV and conventional detail surveys
Digital Terrain Models, Point Clouds & 3D Mesh's
High Resolution colour photogrammetry
Orthophoto mosaics & Thermal infrared imagery
Volumetric calculations & Cut & Fill analysis
Progressive surveys & Vegetation Assessment
Asset Inspections (Solar, Gas, Power, Industrial)
3D Visualization and Reality Modelling
Methane gas monitoring
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