Machine Control

CGS have got extensive Machine Control experience across multiple projects
In today’s ever advancing construction industry machine control has become a essential and often under utilised resource. At CGS we have, as always stayed on top of this quickly evolving technology to ensure we remain competitive in the market.

Machine control allows users to visualise current design data from inside their machine and in many cases autonomously maintain accurate production of a projects specifications. As such we see machine guidance as an invaluable addition to any projects arsenal.
Services we can offer include but are not limited to:
Accurate interpretation of design data into compatible machine 3d design formats for all major machine control systems, Trimble, Topcon, Leica.
Design QA to ensure discrepancies in design data are highlighted prior to them becoming an expensive surprise.
Cloud management of machine models to ensure latest IFC designs are available to all machines minimising the chance of non-conforming ground disturbance through superseded design use.
Machine measure ups for new system installs including excavators, graders, dozers, scrapers, trenchers, etc.
On site field support & troubleshooting for the inevitable operator concerns.
High accuracy control networks for GPS and UTS systems.
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