Environmental Policy


Civil Geospatial Services is striving for a sustainable future and as such, the organisation is committed to minimising the impact on the environment from its business operations.

Purpose & Scope

The purpose of this policy is to explain the general procedures relating to Environmental Policy

 The following guidelines are to be adhered to by all employees, supervisors and Contractors.

  Policy & Procedure

  To support this objective, we will:

  •  Comply with applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations
  •  Continually seek to improve the environmental performance of our business
  •  Engage employees, clients and suppliers in reducing the organisations carbon footprint
  •  Train appropriate employees in sustainability management
  •  Maintain and support a C1.
  •  Lead by example and aim to become advocates for sustainability in our sector
  •  Encourage the development of innovative sustainable products and services
  •  Adopt sustainable procurement practices
  •  Actively encourage and support our suppliers to adopt sustainable practices
  •  Measure and periodically report on our progress towards our sustainability goals
  •  Use finite resources, including paper, energy, fuel and water as efficiently as possible

 In particular we will:


  •   Calculate the carbon footprint of our business operations
  •  Minimise our carbon footprint through reduction strategies
  •  Promote energy efficiency to our employees, customers and suppliers
  •  Consider purchasing carbon offsets where appropriate


  •   Minimise waste by evaluating procedures to ensure they are as efficient as possible
  •  Actively promote recycling of paper, cardboard and other materials


  •   Actively promote water conservation across the organisation

This policy is explained and discussed at the general induction training given to all new employees and has been communicated to all current employees. All employees are expected to know what the environmental policy means to them and how it affects their job or position within the organisation.

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