CGS have got extensive bridge experience across multiple projects
CGS has increased its Bridge expertise with experienced staff that have successfully completed multiple Bridge projects. While also assisting with cost savings during the quick analysis of design issues before construction works have commenced.

It is a vital aspect of Bridge construction to ensure design information is thoroughly checked and time for this is allowed prior to starting works. This will effectively reduce any delays for construction and ensure all parties involved are working off the latest information. Another time factor to consider is the time it takes for the constructor to receive clarification from its clients.
Our Services Include:
3D Modelling and design analysis
BIM integration to ensure information is collated and passed back to designers for clash detection, analysis and for asbuilt modelling
Establishing and maintaining high accuracy survey control to ensure repeatability during construction
Set-out and Pre-pour checks and reports
Scanning to BIM, this is also valuable for Steelwork checks prior to formwork installation so changes can be rectified before any re-work is required
3D Asbuilt models in multiple formats depending on client requirements
Conformance reporting in a timely manner
Pre-camber design allowance depending on structure type and material
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